This page will document changes made to the website.

Please note! The dates are in the Day/Month/Year format! Sorry. x


The site is created. I got bored... then I realised that I had forgetten everything about html !!


I add more posts and pages at midnight... and lose a lot of sleep :O


Made redirect to here! Need to make proper subpages in the future but they're not working right now !! >:O Working on updating the embedded video players to be the native browser one, instead of the YouTube player, so video download is possible (and less trackers!)


Moved the site to What a pain...
Will figure out https:// soon


OH YEAH! WE'RE ON HTTPS:// NOW - this website is superduper secure now!


Made a slight correction to the lyrics on the SONIC CD page!!


Added a webring to the banner of all pages - might be interesting to see where it goes!


All (external) files have been migrated to one place. This should mean no data limits are hit because I am actually running this website for free...


Sorting github files in folders and migrating all files to github.


  Don't ask me where this is from, I still don't know.

My dodgey githack CDN network is hitting rate limits. Will soon revamp the whole website!

Also updated this very page... and all pages in general...


More posts!